My first memory of going to the theatre was on a school trip when I was about 6 years old.  We went to the Polka Theatre to see The Voyage of the Dawntreader. The details of the actual day are non-existent, but the fact that I remember the visit over 30 years later proves that it was a special, and memorable, experience!voyage of the dawntreader

Think about your first experience – what did you see? A play, a musical, a ballet, the panto, a puppet show or even a magic show?  Whatever it was, odds on are that you have a memory of it.  It’s so important that we create and build those same experiences and memories for our children, and in taking them to see a show (or two), hopefully we will achieve that! Particularly now, in this digital age, many believe that it’s even more important to encourage experiences that go beyond the use of phones and tablets!

I recently asked on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for people to share their first theatre experience. Here are some of the responses –


twitter Took my daughter to see a puppet show and at the end of every scene she enthusiastically shouted BYE BYE to everyone on stage

twitter We took the kids to @TheAlbanySE8 to see their first play. We go there a lot!

twitter We took my daughter (4 at the time) to see The Tortoise and the Hare ballet. It was fab. 25 mins long so no bored, fidgety children

twitter  Starlight Express when I was 8. Totally blew me away!

twitter I remember seeing Babes in the Wood when I was 4. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be there

twitter Took my daughter aged 3 to a My First Ballet Cinderella; she wore a massive tutu & went to the loo 4 times! But loved it!

fb We took the girls to the Hackney Empire last Christmas to see Sleeping Beauty Panto. It was great they absolutely loved it and so did we

fb Our first with our girl was the Cinderella – my first ballet. Brilliant show and miss enjoyed most of it (only missing the bits when she was lying down for a feed)!

insta I recently took my 3 year old to his first show in Wimbledon called The Tiger Who Came For Tea 🐯 and he absolutely loved it! 😍

insta My first memory of the theatre as a very young child is going to the pantomime at Bradford Alhambra! First west end show was Grease with Shane Ritchie and Samantha Janus playing Danny and Sandy- how nineties! First show I took my daughter to was tiger who came to tea!

Theatre helps us, and our children, to learn.  It places us in situations which teach us about people, places, and events we may not have otherwise experienced.  Simultaneously fuelling imagination and encouraging creativity – both essential in helping our children to learn and develop.

It is so lovely hearing about people’s experiences, especially when they are such fun and positive memories! Do you remember yours? 


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