A Week Without Television


notvSo, the title is a little misleading..I didn’t completely ditch the television for the week, I actually believe that a bit of TV now and then isn’t too bad.  But, I do think there is a balance to be found, and last week I decided to attempt to do something creative and fun with the kids other than defaulting to CBeebies every day! Results below..


We have an overflowing craft box in our house so we pulled out glitter, glue and paper plates to make panda masks –img_6092-1


With 3 children, we have been lucky enough to have received lots of presents over the years.  So many in fact, that I’m ashamed to say sometimes they are tidied away into the toy cupboard never to be seen again! Today we pulled out something sparkly and My Little Pony related which I have to admit even I got a little obsessed with..my little pony


Today we had a search and found a jewellery making kit – again banished to the back of the cupboard..jewellery box


We made a mad dash from nursery and jumped straight on the tube to head to The Natural History Museum for a bit of lunch and a visit to the dinosaurs! Sadly T-Rex was out of action but there was still plenty to see!dinos1


Friday is a lovely nursery free day so we got dressed into our best conker collecting outfits (i.e. Frozen costume) and headed up to Wimbledon Common! conkers1


All in all the week was a success! It was especially nice to have the museum as a planned event as we’re usually quite a last minute household – and very much tied down to a strict school/nursery run/baby class regime! I also managed some quality one on one time with my middle child which can easily be forgotten, and which I know we both appreciated!

So there it is, a week without (too much!) TV.  Hopefully there’s a bit of inspiration above for activities as the days start to get shorter and little more chilly!



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